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Battery and Tank Monitor touch screen

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ON-BOARD Mini Monitor (Battery and Tank Monitor)

This is a modern and functional measurement panel, designed to monitor selected parameters on a sailing yacht, motor boat or camping vehicle. The monitor measures and displays working parameters of 6 batteries or/and  6 tanks. There is also possibility to monitor energy from solar panels or wind generators.

Readout values are displayed conveniently on a clear LCD display, and the touch screen enables intuititive operation of the device. The menu is set up with icons for easy handling by an international crew.

The device measures voltage and current for the individual batteries and uses those measurements to calculate energy consumption in time interval, battery capacity, average current in the last hour and 12 hours. It forecasts the remaining battery time for the current and average load.

The specialised 16-bit A/D converters ensure very accurate readouts, for example: the smallest measurement value for a 100A shunt is 3.33 mA.

Average voltage, current and battery capacity values are stored in the device memory every 5 or 15 minutes. These stored values can be viewed on the screen in form of a timeline chart. The device uses a non-volatile memory with enough capacity to store the data for over 2 years.

On-board Mini Monitor fully supports the ACH series battery chargers. The operating mode and parameters of the battery charger – the voltage and charging current – can be seen on the screen. The following features are also available: change of the operating mode, charging ON/OFF, silent night mode (fan OFF). Advanced charging parameters can be programmed in the service mode.

Additionally, the device is equipped with control outputs for external devices and alarm signals, as well as 2 inputs allowing, for example, for the monitoring of bilge pump operation.

The front control panel is provided with an USB port that can be used for software updates or readout of history data stored in the flash memory.

  • monitors up to 6 batteries or/and 6 tanks

  • measures voltage, current and battery capacity

  • calculates the average current and forecast consumption

  • measures the amount of fluid in tanks and forecast empty or full

  • supports chargers aap.tron ACH Series

  • register opearation of 2 bilge pumps

  • storage of parameters in non-volatile memory

  • mono LCD 2.8" with touch control

  • outputs for external devices and alarm signals

  • very low current consumption 4mA at 12VDC

  • digital communication with battery shunts and tanks

Supply voltage

5-36V DC

Current consumption

4mA at 12V DC

(8mA with back-light)

Save memory and RTC

battery backup


mono LCD 128x64 pix.


resistive touch panel


100A, 200A, 300A, 500A - Class0.5

Number of batteries

max 6 battery shunts

Number of tanks

max 6 tank units

Current measurement resolution

3.33 mA for 100A shunt

Measuring accuracy

0.5% ±1bit




6 programmable alarms and prealarms


4x open collector 500mA - programmable


2 digital inputs

Working temperature

-20 to 80 ºC

Safety standards

EN 60335-1

Emission / Immunity

EN 61000-6-3 / EN 61000-6-1

Front panel

3mm brushed and black-anodized aluminum




140x96 mm

Download files:



Installation manual: OBM_installation_settings.PDF

Upgrade Tool: OBM_TOOL.ZIP


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On-board Mini Monitor

On-board Mini Monitor

Battery and Tank Monitor touch screen

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